All About Money - Economics - Business - Ages 10+
Author : Isaac Brown
Publisher :
Total Pages : 153
Release : 2020-03-21
ISBN 10 : 9798629450993
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Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

All About Money - Economics - Business - Ages 10+ Book Description:

All About Money - Business - Economics For Kids & Teens - Ages 10+ SALE! Normal Price $24.50 In order to be successful in business we must understand how money works! This practical and fun workbook is packed with fascinating information and learning prompts. The activities and lessons will help students to understand money, business, economics, government, and so much more. Students will study how money works and how the government influences the economy. this book is current! Students will also research topics such as how the COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting the United States and the world today. They will also look into historic events that changed the country such as the Great Depression. In order to understand the future, we must learn from the past. In order to succeed we must understand why so many businesses fail, and why others thrive even in hard times. It is also vital for students to understand how different forms of government can have a negative or positive influence on the economy of a region. We suggest that the student uses the book "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? A Fast, Clear, and Fun Explanation of the Economics You Need For Success in Your Career, Business, and Investments" (An Uncle Eric Book) by Richard J. Maybury and Jane A. Williams This book will serve as an excellent companion book for this workbook. Students will also use the internet, videos, and library books for research. View the table of contents to find out what topics are covered: Table of Contents: Part 1: Understanding Money 6 What is currency? 8 The history of money 10 Money around the world 12 Budgeting money 14 What is a bank? 16 What is credit? 17 Credit cards 18 Debt 19 Good debt vs. bad debt Part 2: Understanding the Way People Make Money, Government, and Taxes 22 Ways people earn money 24 Employee 26 Self-employed 28 Business owner 28 What is business? 30 Investor 32 What are taxes? 33 Forms of taxes 34 1040 U.S. individual income tax return 36 Ignore taxes or better not? 37 The history of taxes 38 What is the government? 40 Forms of the government 41 Government revenue 42 Who is the president? Part 3: Understanding basic economics 46 What is the economy? 48 Microeconomics and macroeconomics 50 Scarcity, choice, and opportunity cost 52 Needs and wants in economics 54 Goods and services 56 Price, cost, salary, and wage 58 Demand 60 Supply 62 Supply and Demand 64 Production 68 Distribution 69 Consumption 70 Trade 71 What is a transaction? 72 Import and export 74 Circular flow of income 76 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 77 Real GDP of the U.S. 78 GDP in the United States. 79 Business cycle 80 What is inflation? 82 Inflation, depression, and recession 84 How printing money affects the economy 86 Unemployment 88 What is a market? 92 Types of market structure 94 National Debt of the United States 96 Capitalism 98 Socialism 100 Communism 102 The economy and the law 104 The role of government in the economy Part 4: Hard Times Paper - Be the Reporter 108 The Great Depression (1930) 116 The Spanish Flu (1918) 124 World War 2 (1939--1945) 132 The Great Plague (1665) 140 The COVID-19 Pandemic (2020) 148 Current Economic News Homeschooling Materials for Creative Students Made in the USA The Thinking Tree, LLC

All About Money - Economics - Business - Ages 10+
Language: en
Pages: 153
Authors: Isaac Brown
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-03-21 - Publisher:

All About Money - Business - Economics For Kids & Teens - Ages 10+ SALE! Normal Price $24.50 In order to be successful in business we must understand how money
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